Auto Driving Technology To Revolutionize Transportation

Driverless car technology is indeed proven to be the trend of today's auto manufacturers in paving the way for a more futuristic approach to the marketability of future vehicles, thanks to the efforts of Ford, Uber and Volvo.

Ford and Baidu are now forming an alliance to invest a joint anount of $150 million for the Veoldyne LiDAR. Veoldyne LiDAR is a company that develops and manufactures sensors that are being used in various commercial and industrial processes that include automotive safety systems, autonomous driving, and 3D mobile mapping.

Radar, Lidar, GPS, odometry, and computer vision are some of the techniques that self-driving cars have today. Lyft and GM also announced its joint ventures as it would launch a fleet of taxis that are equipped with autonomous driving technology by the end of the year.

Google, Apple, Uber and Tesla are also propelling the technology forward as it continues to develop new technologies to make autonomous driving more practical, secure, and inexpensive. The rivalries between the four companies also improve competition, which is a healthy thing for the industry.

The renaissance of the auto-driving technology is indeed fast approaching as it now focuses on more advanced features such as being able to know and adapt to the weather conditions, improve its navigation systems, and improvements to its software.

Meanwhile, in India, the road infrastructure is still a current issue that needs to be addressed as most roads in India are of low quality where some are unpaved and have unequal pavements. If the Indian government wouldn't make improvements on this, it will surely be a turn off to self-driving vehicle manufacturers.

Also, the recent car crash of a Tesla driver that is said to be on autopilot mode challenges the security and safety of self-driving cars.

For sure, within the next ten years, the world will experience a radical change in the transportation sector if the current trend continues to have improvements, and not just unnecessary gimmicks. The autonomous driving technology is the way forward for a safer and more reliable travelling experience.

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