'Pokemon Go' Spawn Points Guide: How To Catch Pokemon Through Timed Intervals

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 30, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Pokemon Go Spawn Points can help players catch the elusive Pokemon by simply knowing when they will appear. However, the spawning system can appear confusing to the uninitiated.

What are Pokemon Go Spawn Points?

It is basically a specific spot where a Pokemon appears at every timed interval, according to Pokemon Go Hub. In theory, a Pokemon makes an hourly appearance on the spot. However, not all of them will be visible on the map. This is due to another game source code variable that determines their time to be visible to players. This bit of information was uncovered by Reddit user someguylikeyou.

Get Acquainted with "time_till_hidden_ms or TTH

The TTH variable acts like a timer. Niantic's server will only make the Pokemon appear once the TTH is equal to Zero or less.

Types of Spawn Points

There are currently 6 kinds of Spawn Points namely,

1x15 - Pokemon spawns eveery 15 minutes. The most common Pokemon are placed in this category.

1x30 - It will be spawning every 30 minutes. However, its TTH will only permit to appear at the last 15 minutes

 1x45 - The Pokemon spawns every 45 minutes but the TTH will allow it appear at the last 15 minutes.

 1x60 - In theory, the Pokemon will spawn every hour. However, as of now its TTH has not yet been set in Pokemon Go

 1x45hx2 - This type of Pokemon spawning is quite tricky. It spawns every 45 minutes. It will appear for 15 minutes then disappear for another 15 minutes then will reappear again.

1x60h3 - The Pokemon spawns every hour but will only be visible after 30 minutes. Its TTH will only allow it to appear for 15 minutes then disappear again.

Most of the Pokemon types that are abundant also belong to the 1x15. Knowing the exact time when the Pokemon will be visible can save a lot of time in collecting them.

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