‘Pokemon Go' Generation 2 Tips: How Many Steps To Make 2 KM - 10 KM Eggs

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 29, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Pokemon Go Generation 2 Eggs chart was reportedly computed and posted at Reddit. Interestingly, the distance to hatch the KM Eggs was given in the number of steps travelled and not kilometers.

Vivpix, a reddit poster computed the 2 KM, 5 KM and 10 KM hatching distance for the Pokemon Generation 2 Eggs based on the game's Generation 1. The poster thought it would be more convenient to give the distance unit in steps instead.

Number of Steps to Hatch Pokemon Generation 2 Eggs

2 KM Eggs will require less than 5,000 steps.

5 KM Eggs will require anywhere between 5,000 to 5,999 steps

10 KM Eggs will require at least 6,000 or more

It is important to note that these calculations are merely hypothetical but there is good chance that Niantic will follow the same basis for the previous Pokemon generation eggs.

There's a dozen Pokemon Generation 2 hatching from 2 KM Eggs, including Chikorita and Marill. Pokemon gen 2, 5 KM Eggs is more numerous. There are about 29 of them as of the latest count; among them are Chichou, Wooper and Miltank. There are only nine 2nd Generation Pokemon hatching from the 10 KM eggs, such as the Misdreavus and Larvitar.

Pokemon Generation 2 Release Date

Niantic did announce that Pokemon Generation 2 will be added to the game. The mobile game app developer however, did not mention specific date or time line for their launch.

There are speculations though, that Niantic may release them in first half of 2017, according to Pokemon Go Hub. It is also believed that additional features and changes in the game will coincide with the introduction of the 2nd generation Pokemon. Some of the additions will include Baby Pokemon, more choices for evolving Pokemon and there is also talk about the use of Evolution stones.

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