‘Resident Evil 4’ Remastered Update: New Game Additions Featuring Ada Wong’s Side Story And More!

Several of the old games are being recreated these days. Currently, another storied franchise joins the list and will have its launching today. Capcom's 'Resident Evil 4' Remastered will come to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles showcasing a new and improved graphical art, game environment and higher resolution with faster frame rate. In addition, the game will be featuring Ada Wong's side story and the Mercenary Mode.

According to the reports from The BitBag, Resident Evil 4 was described by the tech giant Microsoft as a "revolutionary masterpiece." As the game serves as the turning point for the series. In addition, the game as a whole made a huge impact on the future games of the franchise. Based on the reports, Resident Evil 4 changed the development of Resident Evil which has influenced the future game titles.

The game's plot is focused on Leon Kennedy's rescue mission on the President's daughter Ashley Graham. Sources said that Leon was tasked to bring back Graham as she was held captive by Los Illuminados. And reportedly, Ada Wong's side story will fill the holes during Kennedy's rescue mission. The importance of the task was explained by Capcom-Unity. The company said that the intense rescue mission of Leon on Graham was the 'turning point' for the storied franchise.

Sources said that bringing back Resident Evil 4 in PS4 and Xbox One is a great opportunity for players to reminisce and reflect as the franchise progressed. According to Inquisitr, the RE4 offers more in-game additions other than Ada Wong's side story. The game will include Mercenaries Mode, a bonus mode that allows fans to play Hunk, Wesker and other notable characters. Mercenaries Mode can only be unlocked after finishing the main campaign.

In line with the in-game additions, Resident Evil 4 Remastered also allow players to bring in their powerful weapons, unlocked costumes and other secret weapons in the early game. It was also reported that the game will have similar Achievements and Trophies with the PS3 version.

Resident Evil 4 Remastered is now digitally released on both Xbox One and PS4. It means that players who pre-ordered the game can play it when the clock hits at 12 midnight.Meanwhile, retail versions are reportedly to be sold as well. However, there are no further details regarding the official release date.


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