Tom Clancy's The Division Update: Applications To Sweden Elite Task Force Now Closed

The people behind Tom Clancy's The Division are really serious in fixing the game. After Ubisoft admitted the broken state of the title in the State of the Game, the studio iterated their plans to resolve the situation. And along with such decision, the fan base was given the opportunity to be part of the mission in Sweden. As of this writing, the applications have been deemed closed.

Just recently, Ubisoft announced the upcoming arrival of patch 1.4 to Tom Clancy's The Division. Although its release date wasn't revealed, it was made known that the said update will bring lots of hefty features. Its main goal is to bring relative fixes to the game.

This time, however, the Sweden-based company asked the help of the Tom Clancy's The Division community in the mission to help fix the game. In the official forum site of the studio, the devs stated that it has always been their desire to build and improve the title along "with the community."

The announcement was first posted last August 26, with the gist of working alongside the fan base of Tom Clancy's The Division. Interested players just basically need to be free from September 7 to September 9, without having to worry of any expenses. The studio will reportedly cover the "flights, hotel and food."

As of this writing, the Tom Clancy's The Division application to join the Elite Task Force in Sweden are closed. The company, nevertheless, didn't mention the names of the players lucky enough to join the journey. But of course, it should be revealed anytime soon prior to the aforementioned start date.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, lots of Tom Clancy's The Division fans were playing with the idea that it's nearing its end. This rooted from the fact that the game's official servers are frequently experiencing downtime.

Furthermore, Ubisoft revealed that the two forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division DLCs (Survival and Last Stand) will be delayed. The decision was made in hopes to give utmost focus on fixing the game. Currently, the new official release dates remain unknown.

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