Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server Launches To PC, Players Gain Early Access To Updates

It seems Ubisoft Massive is starting to make things a little bit serious in Tom Clancy's The Division. The studio is set to introduce a Public Test Server, which is meant to give players early access to updates. Such move is designed to allow the community to filter which features would work and/or not for the game.

Just recently, Tom Clancy's The Division developers made a surprising revelation during the State of the Game. It is where they admitted that the installment is currently in a broken state and thus needs some rigorous fixing. After which, the two upcoming DLCS -- Survival and Last Stand -- were announced to be delayed. Apart from that, Massive gave the community the opportunity to participate in the mission (in Sweden) to bring the title back to its former glory.

Now, as reported by Gamerant, the company has made it known to the public that they're about to unleash a Public Test Server for Tom Clancy's The Division. Basically, it'll provide players a good amount of information in terms of upcoming features and improvements, among others. Simply put, it'll give them early access to any scheduled updates prior to the official release.

The said Tom Clancy's The Division server is set to arrive in PC only. Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have no access to it, at least for the time being. Players who are given the entrance to it will be introduce to features that are yet to be available in the public game.

The Public Test Server for Tom Clancy's The Division is also designed to make the community more involved with every development process. From letting out suggestions to feedbacks, the involvement between the two parties will be easily granted.

It's safe to say that Ubisoft Massive is now starting to listen to the Tom Clancy's The Division community. And sure enough, its decision to involve players in helping develop update 1.4 -- and now the Public Test Server -- is a living proof to that.

What are your thoughts on the soon to be released Tom Clancy's The Division server? Do you think it's a big step to make the game bug-free? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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