Google Pixel, Pixel XL To Replace 2016 Nexus Marlin, Sailfish: Specs & Features Review

By Justine , Sep 03, 2016 03:46 AM EDT

It wasn't too long ago when the names Google Nexus Marlin and Google Nexus Sailfish came to surface. Now, the two names that were associated to Google's phone line are being replaced. The two handsets, which were referred to as the Sailfish and Marlin, are now allegedly being called the Pixel and Pixel XL. This means that the Nexus brand is ditched for this season. This brings in speculations that Google is also highly likely to stick with the Pixel brand that the company has used a few times in the past.

Google Pixel And Google Pixel XL Specifications

According to a report from an Android blog, the Pixel phone, previously dubbed as the Nexus Sailfish device, will have a 5-inch screen. The Pixel XL phone on the other hand, also referred to as the Marlin device, will be bigger with a 5.5-inch display.

Furthermore, another source says that the Google Pixel XL will sport two different sensors from Sony for its front and back cameras. This also somewhat coincides with older rumors saying that the Marlin could sport great cameras with 13 MP for the rear and 8 MP for the front specifications.

Another report prior to the acknowledgement of the Pixel name said that the new Google phones will come with a tweaked system. Meaning, on top of the Android operating systems of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, there will be an additional software tweak. It won't be purely Android, so it's expected to offer more than what the previous iterations of the Google phones had offered.

These new additions would include a new launcher, an improved AI experience, and new button designs. If true, then Google is obviously walking away from the image the Nexus has established and is giving the Pixel brand an identity of its own.

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Release Date

Rumors state that Google is expected to hold an October 4th event this year to announce their upcoming devices. This goes without saying that the announcement date of the new Google Pixel phones has not yet been confirmed. But if Google indeed holds an even in the coming month, the new Pixel phones are highly likely to show up. Apart from the new phones, Google smartwatches are also expected to be made available before the year ends.


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