Underdog 'Rainbow Six Siege' Turned Out To Be One Of The Best First-Person Shooters

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 03, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Rainbow Six Siege, a tough team-based tactical shooter -- 'no this is not for little kids' type of shooter, has picked up some trends in the past six months. Thanks to the release of new characters, new maps, bug fixes and updates, this low-key release have been lurking around in the dark and popped out into one of the best shooters out nowadays. A community of dedicated gamers have been attracted because of its olld-school play. 

Kotaku reports that Rainbow Six Siege's gradual rise in popularity is really not a shock to them at all. Kotaku adds that after playing the game since its December launch last year, all the signs pointed to the right direction the moment the game's disc got loaded to the drive. They also expressed that they are not saying that the game has no flaws either.

Initial response from critics around the world has deemed the game as an 'averag shooter', creating a 'meh' reaction for the gaming community. With all the FPS choices lying around, it has been expected considering the limited time the gamers have, so choices have to be made, and along the way Siege was somewhat left in the shelves for most of us. Personally, I didn't get this because my Playstation buddies think of it as average and it was around the holidays with other games to pick up. This one is still on my 'Pending' games.

Kotaku has posted a comprehensive 6th month review about Rainbow Six Siege, focusing on a thought that it is indeed an underdog of the FPS genre, having people ignore it to play other 'interesting' games. There are also points that the game is not for everyone and every team. However, if you had the chance to play it, I bet you are still playing it proudly now. I even have one friend who often bugs me to get the game and be part of their squad.

Here are their highlights of Kotaku's long but very informative article about Rainbow Six Siege that I would like to share with you:

Rainbow Six Siege's success is not in its ability to be fresh, but rather in its ability to be, well, old.

...Not only does the game stand out among the rest of shooters in this era, it pummels them in terms of sheer gameplay and replayability.
....I saw grown men struggle through it. That alone gave me hope as a young 7-8 year-old trying to master a game technically only made for people two to three times my age. And now that I am two to three times that age, I can say that RB6 Siege picks up amazingly right where its older predecessors left off.

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 Siege attracts more mature gamers. I've played with cops, ex-military, firemen, postmen, and even some colleagues from a newspaper I worked for.
...Today's shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield are more concerned with theatrics and run-and-gun gameplay...I've played with cops, ex-military, firemen, postmen, and even some colleagues from a newspaper I worked for.

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Teams who coordinate their every move with one another usually obliterate teams with no communication. It's such a stark difference that you can actually feel it when you are against teams that have no strategy.

...Players get a chance to think outside of the box-whether it's by blasting through walls for entry, opening up floor hatches as escape routes, or even sniping from across the map.
...The way the game pans out is ultimately up to you and how you and your team want to assault or defend.

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You got yourself one of the hardest games to stay alive in.

...To put it simply, this game is excruciatingly hard to play. When you die in a round, you are done. It doesn't take much to die either. One bullet can take you out, especially if it's to the head.

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After reading thru the article, it made me want to check out the game's Metacritic rating today, much to my surprise it has a score of 79 and even good games get to have just 60 and above. So after I write this article, I'll get a copy and will write a review soon.

In the meantime have your eyes feast on this Rainbow Six Siege trailer, better late then never, ey?

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