'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 57 Reveals Zamasu And Black Have The Same Mission; Episode 58 To Detail Their Partnership

Episode 57 of "Dragon Ball Super" recently got aired last September 4 and there have been more and more revelations on the identity of Zamasu. Even though his alliance with Black was not elaborated last episode, it will be further explained in the upcoming episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 57: Zamasu Reveals He And Black Have The Same Mission On Earth

The latest episode reveals Zamasu's mission to rid the world with mortals. He also wants to target Goku despite being a Super Saiyan himself because he wants to take down the gods. However, Black stops Zamasu and tells the latter that even though the Saiyans are powerful, they are still built to need each other.

In line with this, Trunks then teams up with Goku to defeat Zamasu and Black. In battle, Trunks goes against Zamasu while Goku goes against Black. Trunks tries to defeat Zamasu but he couldn't, the latter seeming more powerful than he ever expected. Trunks is surprised as he attempts to take down Zamasu but heals quickly, and is not affected by his attacks.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 58: "The Secret of Black and Zamasu"

Reports claim that the upcoming episode 58 of "Dragon Ball Super" will be about Zamasu and Black Goku, explaining how they both came about to having the same mission. The upcoming episode will be aired next Sunday, and it is confirmed to be entitled "The Secret of Black and Zamasu."

There have been speculations that the showrunners may give Goku another transformation, since his current Super Saiyan Blue might not be enough to beat Black and Zamasu. It might be too much to give him another power-up, but it might also be necessary. However, there hasn't been any confirmation to this information.

The fans of "Dragon Ball Super" will have to wait for further announcement on new developments for the series. Meanwhile, the upcoming episode 58 will be aired this Sunday, September 11.

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