Pokemon GO Guide: Effective Substitute Method For Sightings

By Alvin Elfwine , Sep 05, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Pokemon GO has totally changed the mobile game industry as a whole. Since its release, it steadily acquired a huge number of players, as each hopes to be the very best. But along with those lines, there are those who try to beat the game by using cheats and/or GPS spoofing tools, among others. Nevertheless, there are some methods that aren't only helpful, but are also safe to use. Speaking of which, here's an effective substitute to "Sightings." And oh, fret not -- it's not a cheat.

With the recent changes Niantic did to Pokemon GO, most if not all players are having a hard time knowing where exactly a Pokemon is located. In fact, such dilemma, in one way or another, has caused a drastic decline of the hit augmented reality's fan base. But hey, thanks to a Reddit user by the name of longkd, players now have an alternative yet quite effective method for tracing the whereabouts of creatures.

The Pokemon GO Sightings Method Alternative

This new Pokemon GO method is basically a workaround that involves the so-called Triangulating System. The latter is utilized so as to track a Pokemon to the center of a player's diagram in-game. It holds true, though, that this technique can take a good amount of time. However, its results are far better.

Below are the steps to using this new Pokemon GO Method:

Step 1. Locate a Pokemon by using the in-game's radar.

Step 2. Simply proceed to it until it disappears wholly.

Step 3. Turn 90 degrees, and walk until the Pokemon GO creature disappears.

Step 4. Turn and then walk straight to "Spot 1." The specie will appear half the distance there.

According to the theory used on this Pokemon GO method, a triangle's circumscribed circle is typically centered on its hypotenuse. As noticed, it used a little bit of concept from Mathematics (Trigonometry in particular).

The aforementioned Pokemon GO technique was believed to have been created way before the existence of the Slingshot Method. However, the former is said to be more effective than the latter.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO Sightings alternative? Have you tried it already? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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