G.Skill Has New High Capacity DDR4 Out

By Rodney Rafols , Sep 05, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

G.Skill has come out with a new high capacity DDR 4 RAM kit. Gamers and PC enthusiasts would be delighted with the new high capacity DDR4 RAM modules that are out as they would offer better performance for gaming PCs. The new kit comes out as a 32 GB kit in four 8 GB modules.

On its official site G,Skill has announced the introduction of the new kit. The new RAM modules are DDR4-3866mHz ones. This is up from the DDR4-3600mHz modules. The new modules are part of the Trident series of RAM modules from G.Skill. As it is, the new RAM modules are fast and would be something that gamers would look out for.

Quality is also not going to be an issue with G.Skill's new RAM modules as it has Samsung's IC memory chips. That ensures that it will give out the best performance from the modules and would not compromise its quality in any way.

This is most true when one considers that the RAM modules aren't the fastest out for G.Skill, as Tom's Hardware notes. G.Skill has come out with 4000mHz modules. However with the latest 32GB kit this is the highest RAM capacity kit in the 3866mHz category for the company.

G.Skill's Trident Z line isn't only about performance, but aesthetics do play a part as well. The Trident Z RAM module line can be color coordinated to the color scheme for a gaming PC. The top bar of the modules can come with a variety of colors. These colors could either be orange, yellow, white or black. The body of the modules could either be black or silver.

G.Skill has also posted screenshots of its benchmark tests on the RAM modules. As noted by WCCFTech though the modules work best when they are combined with the best components for a gaming PC. Gamers and PC enthusiasts make sure that what they have are the best so as to make custom, high-end gaming rigs.

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