‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Update: Massive Ban Wave Amid Dropping User Base

Clash of Clans 2016 saw a huge drop in its user base and there was a massive ban against cheaters and modders. Many CoC players however, claimed that they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Permanent Ban For Modders and Bots

Initially, Supercell made an announcement regarding tools that are banned in Clash of Clans. Players who used mods and bots got half a month ban but only if they are first time mod offenders. But recently, the Octopus dropped the permanent ban hammer unexpectedly and without warning.

CoC Multiple Account Holders Included

CoC players using multiple accounts were reportedly included in the permanent ban wave, according to All Clash. Observers believed that Supercell included them to discourage the use of "burner accounts". A number of players were allegedly creating mini accounts that can be used for "not so innocent" activities without risking their main and real account from the ban. However, the recent permanent ban showed that this practice is no longer feasible.

CoC No Longer Safe For Bots And Mods

Before the warning and massive permanent ban, a lot of CoC players were using mods and bots from various third parties. However, no dedicated CoC players will touch these tools with a ten foot pole. Supercell also cautioned and warned the CoC gaming community that the use of Mods will guarantee them a permanent ban.

CoC Players Complained of Wrongful Ban

The massive permanent ban has reportedly caught a lot of innocent CoC players. Many wrote in the official comment section insisting that they are innocent and ask that the ban be revoked. So far, Supercell has not made public how they banned suspected CoC cheaters.

CoC Players Leaving In Droves

There have been reports that many players are already leaving Clash of Clans. The mass departure has started even before the massive permanent ban has been implemented. Other popular mobile games such as Pokemon Go have enticed a lot of players to switch.

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