Rumor Suggests Google Will Launch A 7-Inch Tablet Built By Huawei

By Victor Thomson , Sep 06, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

According to a new rumor, Google might soon announce a 7-inch Android tablet that will be manufactured by Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei-Built 7-Inch Google Tablet

According to Phone Arena, the tablet market is experiencing a downturn at the moment. But these temporary difficulties do not stop top manufacturers to plan releasing new devices. The big companies trust the fact that there is still a market for tablets. A rumor suggests that Google and Huawei are working together to launch a new 7-inch tablet.

The market analyst Evan Blass speculates on Twitter that Google and Huawei are planning to launch a 7-inch tablet by the end of the year. The only detail given by Blass is the fact that the tablet would feature 4 GB of RAM.

The name of the device is not known so far. With Google being involved, we may assume that the name of the new tablet would be a successor of the Nexus 7. However, the latest rumors suggest that Google will switch to the name Pixel for its new phones and tablets.

Earlier this year, Huawei did register a trademark on the name Huawei 7P. This fact might be connected to the rumor about Google's 7-inch tablet plans. We have to wait for Google's expected even on October 4 in order to see if this rumor is true.

With phones pushing now the 6-inch mark for their screens, it is disputable if consumers really need 7-inch tablets anymore. Adding an extra inch to the display may not compensate for losing phone service. Unless the device will come with a very cheap price, this isn't the best value proposition.

According to The Verge, it would be surprising if Google has decided to also announce a new 7-inch Android tablet very soon, alongside its two new phones. Lately, there hasn't been a lot of news about new Nexus tablets.

The last couple of years were pretty rough for Google's Android tablets. Pixel C had issues at launch with bad software and the 2014's Nexus 9 did not enjoy big popularity. Aside of that, there has not been much happening on the Android tablet market. 

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