Pokemon Go Tips: Spawn Points Likely To Produce Dragonites Spotted

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 06, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Pokemon Go veterans have managed to discover that recent Spawn Points can produce Dragonites. The findings however, are initially difficult to ascertain since the original Reddit poster removed the thread and his account as well.

Dragonites and Clefairy Nests / Spawn Points Connection

The original Reddit post detailing the co-existence of Dragonites and Clefairys in the same Pokemon Go Spawn Points was deleted almost a week ago. Fortunately, the comment sections remain intact. A number of commentators reported that the Dragonites - Clefairys connection is true.

Some Pokemon Go players reported that Spawn Points where Clefairy are abundant are also spawning Dragonites in increasing numbers. A Brazilian Pokemon Go player claimed that he got 6 Dragonites in less than a week from the Clefairy Spawn Points.

Pokemon Go Reddit And Players' Post Results

- Pokemon Go observers found out that the correlation between Clefairy and Dragonite is quite high.

- Most of the Dragonites can be found in mountainous or areas with high elevation in the same Spawn Point as the Clefairy.

- The frequency of Dragonites spawning occurred only recently after the Pokemon Nests migrations.

- Players in various forums, notably Reddit confirmed the spawning frequency of Dragonites.

Pokemon Go Nests Migration

Recently, Pokemon Go nests have migrated and the most if not all Spawn Points have changed the Pokemon they are releasing. The change was mostly cheered by the Pokemon Go playing community. It should be noted though that Pokemon Nests tend to change places approximately every month.

Many multiple Nests have been transformed into Double Spawn Nests instead. This change possibly explains why the Clefairys are sharing the same Spawn Points with the Dragonites. Pokemon Go players are advised to take advantage of this before the Nests migrate again.

Dragonites in the wild are normally rare but it seems that they become more obtainable right now.

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