Overwatch Season 2 News: MMO Starts Off with a Bang (Of Updates, That Is)

Listening to what appears to be the players' feedback during the event of the Overwatch first season, the succeeding season to the popular MMO game is starting off with a conspicuous success involving updates and fixes that make the game more engaging and user-friendly among its loyal fans and casual gamers. Most notable of these changes include the game being a minute shorter than it did on its previous season, the removal of the Sudden Death, and the improved Skill Rating System, according to Siliconera.

With the Sudden Death feature removed, tie breaking rounds are more intense than ever and something that would elicit a change in the strategy that players were used to back in season one. This time around, a tie breaking match would consists of two opposing teams battling it out for the last time but using only the remainder of the time left from the previous rounds. For a fast-paced Overwatch gameplay where every minute counts, cutting the game a minute shorter would mean a demand for better efficiency among its players.

Another noteworthy change that is now taking its place in the game is the refined Skill Rating System, a reference for players that measures their performance in the game. If players are finding themselves on the edge of losing their achieved tier on their Overwatch Season 1 experience of the game, the improved Skill Rating System will ensure that a player would remain in the tier he had achieved-not just solely based on the skill rating-and thus not get dropped out of it, unless the tiers in subject are of the highest two which require serious effort to maintain-the Master and Grand Master tiers. This means that even if a player drops the required skill rating initially required to enter a certain tier, he will still be securely remained in that tier throughout the season.

To get a full list of the changes that is taking place in Overwatch Season 2, head over to Blizzard's blog. 

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