Pokemon Go Update: Trading Feature Confirmed, To Come With Buddy Pokemon Patch?

Since the massive hit game Pokemon Go was launched few months ago, Niantic Labs has been releasing scheduled game updates that highlights new feature additions. With the reported upcoming update that is to be set around this week, it has been confirmed that Pokemon Go will add another feature called 'Buddy Pokemon.' However, rumors has been surfacing around the internet that the next scheduled update will also include the most anticipated 'Trading' feature.

According to Otakukart, the rumored 'Trading' feature for Pokemon Go was the most-talked topic on reddit when a reddit user posted the topic on the said community site. It was then confirmed on the game's updated Terms of Service that mentions all the rules about trading. Based on the ToS, it seems that trading items is now possible by giving it to a Pokemon to hold in the game. See the full content here.

According to Gotta be Mobile, the 'Trading' feature is essential for the franchise. It has been there from the very beginning. It is also one of the easiest way for trainers to have their PokeDex completed. Currently, we do not know what Niantic has in mind for this upcoming feature. However, we might expect it very soon. Knowing that there is a huge backlash which happened a couple of weeks ago.

This upcoming update will be the first for Pokemon Go for this month. While it was reported to come with a major patch, we might expect several feature additions aside from some bug fixes. Based on the recent evidence, the 'Trading feature will most likely be one of those expected features to be added. In addition, Niantic is also planning on making the next update a gateway for those players who had already given up to make a comeback. To make that happen, the company will indeed make the new update enticing.

More Pokemon Go update will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, check the latest confirmed 'Buddy Pokemon' feature here.


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