'Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter' Set in the World of Onechanbara, Spiritual Successor or Sequel?

Set in the world of the "Onechanbara" series but not necessarily bearing the same title, Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter is yet another action-shooting game from the game developer, Tamsoft, and publisher, D3, due to be released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 platform on January 12, 2017, according to Gematsu as referenced from Famitsu magazine's most recent weekly issue.

The game is set at a price of 6,980 yen upon release.

Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter's story follows five female students who tries to survive a zombie infestation that affected their prestigious school, the Musaku High School. Learned combat from the same school, these survivors-each with their own unique weapons of choice and fighting style-are to fight the zombies all while being isolated from the outside world.

Leaving a signature touch as seen from the previous Onechanbara titles through the characters' designs, Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter's main protagonists also employ "essential" sexy elements that make the game appealing to certain target audiences.

According to Siliconera, interested players of the Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter game will get to choose one of five characters, namely: Risa Kubota (assault rifle and long sword), Sayuri Akiba (handgun and wooden sword), Mayaya Himeji (sub-machine gun and bat), Enami Kamijou (sniper rifle and kick techniques), and Rei Kanezaki (shotgun and karate).

As an added reference to the Onechanbara universe in connection with this up and coming game of a different title, a former character from Onechanbara - Annna - will also be making an appearance to support the new protagonists. She will be responsible for delivering weapons and relief supplies to these girls via her drones.

Giving the game a sense of realism as possible, the game will employ the "clothes-tear system" which causes the main protagonists to tear up their clothing as they got attacked by zombies until to the last inner clothing.

As of posting time, Schoolgirl Zombie Hunter game is said to be already 70% complete which suggests that the early next year's release to be highly likely.

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