'American Horror Story' Season 6 News And Updates: Show's Theme Allegedly Leaked Online

By Vasti Marra Pinera , Sep 07, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

American Horror Story creators are keeping mum about the theme of its new season but it looks like its new season titled "American Horror Story: The Mist", have been accidentally published in different media outlets.

The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, said that they really wanted to maintain everything a secret until its return on September 14. Different trailers have been shown but John Landorant, FX president, said that most of it are actually just misdirects. One of it is accurate though but there is now way for anyone to determine which one.

And then the leak happened. In TV Guide's paper edition, the show was titled as "American Horror Story: The Mist" as well as in the critic website Rotten Tomatoes. Reports say that the title from the site has been removed after some hours.

Some think that the title is related to one of the trailers where a creature walks out from a mist. If this is true, this gives us an idea of the kind of mystery to look forward to. Another rumor is that it can be based on the popular novel by Stephen King "The Mist". Although none of the trailers could be linked to the storyline of the book so it's still just a speculation.

The series is known for casting the same actors and actresses each season playing different roles. And on the coming season, the following has already been confirmed to return; Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, Matt Bomer, Leslie Jordan, and Denis O'hare.

American Horror Story is a horror anthology series broadcasted on FX cable television channel in the US and has consistently received high ratings in each season. It is described as a mini-series that's usually about a life of an unordinary set of characters and settings. Some of its plot elements are loosely based on true stories.

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