'Pokemon Go' Update: Trading Feature Initial Release Date Set; More Details Discussed

After Niantic had leaked the addition of Buddy Pokemon feature in the next update, rumors has been circulating that another new feature might also arrive. It was later confirmed on the updated Terms of Service of the game stating the rules and regulation about the most-awaited in-game addition, the trading feature. Currently, sources said that the upcoming 'Trading' feature has already received an initial release date.

According to the reports from Pokemon Go Hub, the new 'Trading' feature will be out this Fall which was then rumored to happen as early as October. Based on the blog, the claim has been backed by several evidences. The system of the upcoming 'Trading' feature is like a hyped table CRUD which stands for 'Create, Read, Update and Delete' where experts said that making that kind of feature is fairly simple based on the structure. In addition, it was also reported that the 'Trading' system will not cause a major overhaul on the game but only depends on the complexity of the feature.

Based on the reports from Ecumenical News, there is still no exact date as to when it will be released but it is highly expected sometime in October 2016. Currently, rumors said that the 'Trading' feature is somewhat hidden between the main game's massive line of codes. Thankfully, Niantic has finally confirmed the new feature addition recently.

The addition of the 'Trading' system will most likely to happen considering it was one of the franchise's core element. Additionally, Niantic is trying to win back their thousands of players who backed out due to the game's limited features. With the reported several game additions on the future updates, Pokemon Go's active players might rise again. Lastly, aside from the previously reported Buddy Pokemon system, Niantic will also address several minor bugs on the game for the next scheduled Pokemon Go update.

More updates will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.


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