iOS 10 Jailbreak News: Luca Todesco Cracks Beta 8 Version Before Pangu?

Many consumers are excited for the upcoming release of iOS 10, though hackers are more anxiously working on their jailbreaking tools for the latest iOS operating system.

Renowned iOS hacker Luca Todesco has allegedly jailbroken the Beta 8 version of Apple's upcoming mobile OS before the Pangu team did.

Todesco's Beta 8 Jailbreak

Todesco has made the news for his apparent jailbreak of the iOS 10 Beta 8 version. He uploaded a video of this said exploit. The method that he used is called yaluX. According to Pangu, he used an iPad Pro with 64-bit architecture. Apparently, yaluX works with 64-bit devices.

He activated the jailbreaking tool by using a Home screen app. According to the Christian Post, the app is required for the jailbreak. It is side-loaded with the jailbreak injection code that he built. You only need a single tap to install the jailbreak. Cydia can then be launched from your Home screen.

Jailbreak Method Similar To Pangu's iOS 9.9.3 Version

The jailbreak method of Todesco in Beta 8 is similar to that of Pangu's in iOS 9.3.3. They both used the semi-untethered jailbreak solution. It prevents Apple devices from frequent crashes and issues faced due to jailbreak-enabled apps.

However, Todesco revealed in Twitter that Cydia has so far been crashing in Apple's latest mobile OS. It consistently removes itself from the Home screen.

Todesco Ahead Of Pangu In Beta 8 Jailbreaking

Pangu stated on its website that the Beta 8 version of iOS 10 is still unjailbreakable. However, they are currently working on a jailbreaking tool for it. They might actually come up with it soon. Though it's now evident that Todesco was ahead this time.

To Pangu's credit, "Luca's yaluX is not the first jailbreak demonstrate for iOS 10 version." Their team and iH8snow have previously demonstrated iOS 10 jailbreak.

According to IBT, it's actually only a matter of time before iOS 10 is fully jailbroken. As it is always the case. Todeco's Beta 8 jailbreak is a good basis. Other hackers will follow suit.

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