Sony To Bundle Demo Discs With Every PlayStation VR purchase

By Adie Pie , Sep 08, 2016 03:19 AM EDT

The trend of virtual reality is gaining a larger following and Sony is well aware of this. But even more than the people that have already invested in the platform, there are those that are interested but have not yet taken the plunge. Arguably, the reason is because putting out the money for VR is a relatively large and risky investment. Fortunately, Sony has provided a way to lower the risks.

The PlayStation VR Bundle

According to PC Mag, Sony is providing a demo disc with every purchased PlayStation VR unit. In the disc are eight games for users to try out. The PS VR unit alone costs almost $400, so testing out free eight games is a great giveaway.

The bundle promises users "the perfect introduction to your new Virtual Reality World."

The Chosen Eight

As noted by Geek.Com, the three games that come with the demo disc will provide users with a relatively holistic look into the world of VR.

"Battlezone" - players will take control of a tank with the simple goal of destroying other tanks. Because the story is experienced in first person, the compatibility to VR is almost perfect. There are new graphics to the game, however, which brought the title into a more modern world.

"DriveClub VR" - this game is one of the best looking racing games, which should aptly test the capabilities of VR and therefore provide players with a great experience.

"EVE: Valkyrie" - a space combat game that is both visually stunning and completely tests the limits of virtual reality. In a way, it is a more exciting and colorful version of "No Man's Sky."

"Headmaster" - simple, though challenging. The goal is to simply hit soccer balls with the player's head in order to score points. As the game carries on, it gets more and more difficult.

"Ocean Descent" - players will be able to experience what it's like to live underwater with this game. Other than its stunning visuals, there is the fear of how accurately paints the picture of how being trapped under water could be like.

"ROGS Mechanized Combat League" - a competitive sports game where players must pilot a robot that will get through various nets in order to score points. Meanwhile, the opposing team will try to stop the robot with the help of firearms and melee attacks.

"Tumblr VR" - here, players must stack blocks in order to create towers or bridges. In essence, it is a puzzle-solving game.

"Wayward Sky" - unlike most VR games, this is not always told in first-person. While exploring the world, players can see their characters and interact by way of an arrow. However, problem solving is done in first person.

PS VR Launch Date

The new PlayStation VR will be ready for purchase starting October 13. It should work on all PlayStation 4 systems and will be available to play on several different types of games.

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