Virtual Reality Movie Experience Via Imax: The Perspective

The virtual reality mania has been knocking on somebody's door these times. Virtual reality games are being put into context by the brilliant and creative people of the technological industry. These eventually have satisfied the gamers and even the developers. In fact, different Virtual Reality headsets have been made and invented for that matter. On the other side of the note, there is another exceptional plan of having Virtual Reality experience adapt into movies.

According to a post via PC Mag, IMAX is targeting the Virtual Reality experience into movies. Google announced to develop a very high-end cinema grade Jump camera with IMAX.

On the other hand, IMAX announced that it will open six cinemas dedicated only to virtual reality. These six theaters are already worldwide. It may seem so small a number but it is IMAX's movement toward future plans. The company is just trying to make tests whether the said Virtual Reality experience will entice people to embrace the experience or not.

Furthermore, IMAX teased that there will be immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that include entertainment content and games. These moviegoers will be wearing a VR headset made by Starbreeze. This will be additional wearable gadgets aside from Google's VR camera. It is reported that the first IMAX Virtual Reality experience will be in Los Angeles. There are also plans to have it in China.

Despite these talks, there are also some popular personalities who disagreed about the idea. According to a post via Slash Film, the renowned Hollywood director Steven Spielberg said that having Virtual Reality adapted to movies could be dangerous to the nature of the storytelling. He stated that VR medium is dangerous because it gives the viewers a lot of latitude not to take direction from the storytellers. This is because the viewers will decide to make their own choices of where to look. Read here for Mr. Spielberg's detailed comments.

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