Bipolar Symptoms Detected By Blood Markers Can Help Diagnose Disorder For Early Treatment

By Jiran , Sep 08, 2016 04:17 AM EDT

Blood markers suggest the severity of manic episodes later in life. Bipolar symptoms in a person might be identified as early as 9 years of age. This is based on the study of Joseph Hayes from University College of London and his team.

The Link Between Blood Markers And Bipolar Disorder

White blood cells produce a chemical called interleukin-6 or IL-6. It is used to stimulate inflammatory response to infection or trauma, according to the New Scientist. It causes symptoms of anxiety when high level of IL-6 is present in the blood. It also reduces performance in memory tests.

The subjects of the study were first examined when they were 9-years-old. They were re-examined when they turned 22. The researchers analysed data from more than 1700 people. Based on the study, there is a risk of bipolar disorder depending on the amount of IL-6 at childhood. The more IL-6 in your blood at a young age, the higher the risk of hypomanic symptoms in later life.

According to Engadget, factors like sex, ethnicity and socio-economic status strengthen the said link. Though Hayes's team is unsure of how it actually stimulate symptoms of hypomania in childhood.

IL-6 Affects The Brain

The brain process can also be affected by IL-6. The subgenual cingulate part of our brain is involved with mood, anxiety, sleep, memory and self-esteem. IL-6 can modify the functions of that said region. If these areas are to be treated well, the effects of bipolar disorder can be alleviated.

An early diagnosis means better treatment of the bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder will be more responsive to treatment if there are earlier recognition and intervention. This is because the condition is less severe in early symptoms.

Hypomanic Symptoms To Bipolar Disorder

Hypomania doesn't necessarily lead to bipolar disorder. Its symptoms can also be of seasonal affective disorder and some kinds of psychosis. People who are hypomanic are extremely energetic, talkative, and confident, commonly exhibited in a flight of creative ideas.

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