Pokemon Go Update: Different Incense And Berry Types Featured In This 'Bot'; Could This Be A Hint?

By Sarene Mae Butao , Sep 09, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Massive hit game Pokemon Go has been rocking the gaming world ever since it was released several months ago. As the game moves further, several rumored game updates was leaked which causes mayhem on some players. The rumored game addition includes Trading, Buddy Pokemon, new Incense types and more. Currently, sources revealed a working game bot called PokeBot.Ninja where the said bot highlights the different incense and berry types.

As seen on the official website of PokeBot.Ninja, several screenshot of the said bot was seen which confirms the reported leaks. Based on the leaked images, aside from the original model, the program highlights 3 different incense types namely 'Floral Incense,' 'Spicy Incense' and 'Cool Incense.' In addition, the bot also features several berry types namely 'Bluk Berry,' 'Nanab Berry,' Weaper Berry' and Pinap Berry. However, as of the moment, these said items does not have any values and merely just an empty element on the list.

Apart from these said items are not yet in the game, there is also no confirmation from the developers about the previous reported game additions for the time being. Currently, the latest confirmed game addition was only the Buddy Pokemon and Trading System. However, it was still expected that these reported game addition will arrive on the future game updates.

We may not know as to when it will arrive. However, the said bot may have been the first installation upon nearing its release. According to GoPokemonGo, PokeBot.Ninja is constantly updating and now currently on its v45. It can be downloaded on its official website for free. Based on the reports, PokeBot.Ninja is one of the safest bot up to date. After Niantic Labs currently shut down several 3rd party apps and bots.

Even though it was considered as safe, the bot's creator still suggests to use your dummy account in order to avoid getting banned.


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