Twitter Stocks Fall, May Spell The End For Social Media Site As An Independent Company

By Adie Pie , Sep 09, 2016 03:52 AM EDT
The Twitter logo is displayed on a banner outside the New York Stock Exchange in New York City. (Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Since its inception, Twitter has stayed an independent company. It was founded in March 2006, so it has stayed afloat in the market for more than a decade now. But the trend for the company has been somewhat declining, as Twitter stocks continue to plummet.

What's The Deal?

As CNN notes, Twitter stocks fell as much as 5 percent by midday Thursday, while the company's executives were hauled up in a board meeting. In reality, Twitter's numbers have started to increase since its all time dip earlier this year in May.

However, the board meeting will reportedly cover the possibility of selling the company altogether, as well as whether or not Jack Dorsey would remain as CEO of the company. Currently, Dorsey is splitting his time between Twitter and Square, Inc.

What Are The Possibilities Of A Sale?

Currently, there are no deals or offers on the table for Twitter, but this does not mean that its executives will not decide to put it up for sale in the near future. This could also mean, however, that the board is just looking for means to cut costs within the company.

However, the purchase of social media sites is becoming a trend as of late. One recent example is Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn in June.

But if a sale will be happening, Twitter is likely to be purchased by any of the following companies: Apple, Alphabet, 21st Century and Fox News Corp. There are also talks that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could team up together to make the company private - after all, they are two of Twitter's biggest shareholders.

What Is Happening Now?

Truth be told, Twitter is not in such bad shape. Millions of individuals still use the social media site, including celebrities, athletes and news casters. Since its launch, it has stayed a relevant platform. At the rate it is going, however, it will never reach the heights of Facebook or SnapChat.

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