Is Apple’s Macbook Pro 2016 Still Coming Out This Year?

By Victor Thomson , Sep 10, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

Apple made no announcement about the highly rumored MacBook Pro 2016 at the September 7 event and while this might be disappointing for some, it could actually be good news for others.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Mobile&Apps reports that many sources have speculated that Apple's Macbook Pro 2016 official announcement and the release actually rely on which processor will power the next flagship laptop. Taking in consideration the fact that the amount of time we still have this year is getting short, tech experts assume that Apple would launch no MacBooks this year.

Pushing back an announcement or a release date can indicate a number of things regarding the CPU. Among them is the possibility of considering a highly specs sheet.

The fact we do not have any news yet from Apple about the highly anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 could mean a good possibility of better processor and features. Tech experts speculate that the upcoming Apple flagship laptops will be powered by Intel's Kaby Lake processors. In case that Apple will use Kaby Lake CPUs in the MacBooks Pro series, this means a significant improvement in terms of general performance ratio, high-end gaming capabilities and processing power.

While many tech experts gave up the hope for a new MacBook Pro  announcement this year, MacWorld still anticipates an October announcement or release. MacRumors also published a report that seems to confirm that Apple did not give up their plans for the MacBook Pro laptop line. According to the report, responding to a MacRummors reader's email about the release of the highly anticipated laptop, Apple CEO Tim Cook  has stated that the company is "very committed" to it and suggested that updates to the Mac lineup are soon to come. 

The authenticity of the email cannot be confirmed by the publication, however, based on full email headers, it appears to originate from Apple's corporate servers. It is known that Apple executives may indeed occasionally respond to customer emails.

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