'Prison Break' Season 5 News And Updates: Twitter Update Reveals Airing Of Series On March 2017

Many small screen television shows are set to come back this month while fans still have to wait for the announcement of the air date of "Prison Break" season five. The series will finally be coming back early next year as confirmed, even without the particular air date just yet.

"Prison Break" Season 5 Creating Buzz On Social Media

Ever since it has been announced that "Prison Break" will be coming back in television after having ended years ago, it has created so much buzz on social media. The series has been highly anticipated already when it aired, and all the more now that it is coming back. The fans have been pushing this for years now and even though it took a while, the comeback is finally here.

"Prison Break" season five will not be picking up from where it ended during the season four finale, where Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) has been anticipated to have died already. Instead, the fifth season will tackle how Michael could have survived the incident and how he got to a prison located in Yemen. His escape from prison and from the country shall be the focus of the storyline of the upcoming season.

What Will Happen To Michael And Sara's Love Story In Season 5?

According to reports, one of the biggest questions that is currently being asked by the fans of the series is the fate of Michael and Sara, who gave birth to their child after he was presumed dead. Miller admitted that indeed, his character is still very much in love with Sara even after all those years of being apart. In the coming season five of "Prison Break," amidst all the drama and action that he will encounter in trying to escape, Michael will also do anything to have Sara back in his life.

"Prison Break" Season 5 To Allegedly Premiere On March 2017, Teased On Twitter

Since "Prison Break" has created a lot of fuss in different social networks already, its release date has been highly anticipated by the fans that are waiting intently on the announcement. However, there have been updates on twitter made by one of the crew members of the production wherein he revealed the series will premiere on March.

The assumed airdate of "Prison Break" Season 5 is still a couple of months away but the fans are getting only more excited as the weeks and months go by, drawing closer to the big day.

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