Pokemon Go Tip: How To Use Data Mining to Capture Rare Pokemon

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 10, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Pokemon Go hackers were able to data mined a huge list of Pokemon spawn points, Poke Stops and battle gyms. This global list is a treasure trove of information to any Pokemon Go player.

Pokemon Go Data Mine List - Where to Get It

The Pokemon data mine list could be downloaded in Dropbox or here. Reddit user aaticle said that the database covers 500,000 Pokemon Go spawn points or encounters and the list keeps growing by the day. The spawn points were reportedly taken from all over the world. However, most of them were taken in North America and Europe.

In addition, the Pokemon Go database also listed more than 400,000 Poke Stops and almost 60,000 battle gyms.

How To Use And Interpret Pokemon Go Data Mine Results

The date files are presented in JSON, CSV and Excel format. The Pokemon Data report is divided into several sections including Encounters by Species, per minute, hour and day as well as the frequency of Spawn points.

The Pokemon Go data mine results suggest that the spawn points occur all over the world at the same time, regardless of the time zone. It was also noticed that there were peaks and lows during the hourly Pokemon spawns.

Most of the spawn points generate one to five Pokemon which is 93 percent. Four out of ten spawn points can generate at least five to ten Pokemon. Two out of ten spawn points can generate as much as 30 Pokemon. Only one percent of the spawn points can generate the most Pokemons.

Pokemon Go players should keep in mind though that the data mine list is global one. Pokemon species encounter may differ depending on the locality. This data mine list will certainly come in handy once the trading feature is activated in Pokemon Go any time now.

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