2016 Macbook Pro Rumors: Apple's Flagship Laptop Release Date At October Event?

MacBook fans are waiting for the new MacBook Pro 2016. Apple did not introduce any major updates to MacBook Pro line since the year 2013. Speculations and rumors suggest that an update to the MacBook line is inevitable and the expected release date for MacBook Pro 2016 might happen at Apple's event scheduled in October.

MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date At Apple's October Event?

According to the online publication Science World Report, the release date of the new line of MacBook Pro was highly anticipated to be announced during Apple's iPhone Sept. 7 event. However, Apple did not make any announcement during the September event, against all expectations.

Some tech experts attribute Apple's delay in announcements to the possibility that the company preparing better features for the 2016 MacBook Pro. For instance, Macworld UK, a publication that had initially reported the launch in September, now believes in the possibility of an October announcement or launch for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. One of the reasons for this delay could be Apple's intention of introducing the MacBook Pro line with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors.

Meanwhile, other reports state that Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to a MacRumors reader's email inquiring about the release of MacBook Pro 2016 by suggesting that updates to the Mac lineup will come soon. The CEO added that the company is "very committed" to the MacBook Pro laptop line.

Expected New Features For The 2016 MacBook Pro

AppleInsider reports that the new MacBook Pro model 2016 is expected to replace the standard key functions with an OLED-based touch screen panel. The upcoming flagship laptop from Apple will also be thinner that its previous models.

MacBook Pro 2016 may replace the 3.5mm audio jack with wireless headphones, similar to the recently launched Apple iPhone 7. The upcoming flagship laptop may also feature Touch ID that will allow users to log in to their laptop with their fingerprint.

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