Google, IBM Rivalry Improves Tech Industry; Big Tech Giants Battling For Supremacy

By Jomar Teves , Sep 13, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

During the PC era, the big rivalry was between Microsoft and Apple. Apple's products proved to be much better, however, Microsoft's ability to influence its operating system across a number of manufacturers turned out to be to be the stronger model.

Google vs. IBM

That rivalry is mostly over now. However, another one is emerging between Google and IBM. It's a surprising business rivalry since the two rarely compete in the same markets or for the same customers. In truth, it is a rivalry for technological rather than market dominance. But much like Apple versus Microsoft, it's likely to decide much about how technology will shape the world.

Diversities of the two

Thus far, the two companies have taken far different approaches to deploying their technology. IBM has focused on specific fields, such as healthcare, and has made their technology available for developers to use as an engine to power their own applications. Google, on the other hand, has publicly released its technology, but mainly used it to enhance its own products.

Clash for technological dominance

Still, the growing rivalry is unmistakable. Not very many companies are capable of developing this sort of profound learning technology and obviously, both IBM and Google are leading the pack. Today, IBM and Google are very different businesses.

While Google offers products directly to consumers, IBM mostly designs powerful systems for the enterprise. Google produces the bulk of its money through ads, while IBM has a large and highly qualified sales force that can service demanding clients. Certainly, in multiple ways, IBM and Google are at opposite ends of the spectrum with regards to focus, business model and operational structure.

All remains to be seen

It is, of course, possible that at some point in the future, IBM and Google will clash and compete more directly for customers. For now, though, it is mostly a rivalry for who can expand technological horizons quicker and more completely. It is going to be a contest where the most likely winner would be the consumers.

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