iPhone 7 Sales Skyrocket Proving Apple Critics Wrong

Earlier this year before Apple's iPhone 7 release, critics were pretty sure and positive that Apple sales will not improve in any way. Much to their surprise, the iPhone 7 sales were a lot higher and stocks started increasing again. Apple has Samsung to thank for its latest achievement since the Galaxy Note 7 recall may have played a part as to why the iPhone 7 sales soared.

While Apple has a lot of fans, they also have a lot of detractors. Critics think that Apple has become lazy with its design and operating system. These critics are most likely former Apple fans who have grown tired of Apple's look and apps every year. Yet, the iPhone 7 has probably changed the game with its newest features. There are a lot of news out there explaining the pros and cons of buying the iPhone 7, but more often you will find a list of good reasons why you should have one of your own by now.

iPhone 7 Sales Skyrocket After Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Apple's diehard fans and believers vehemently degree that iPhone 7 sales have skyrocketed due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. It might be a possibility, but there is no denying that this could be the external force that drove Apple's increase in sales.

Although Apple did put a lot of work and effort into its newest flagship, the new and fresh features could also be the reason that iPhone 7 sales have increased. After all, Apple has added new and sleek color variations, removed the headphone jack and an increased battery life, as Yahoo Sports reported.

Why Apple Refuses To Release First Week Of Sales Report For The iPhone 7

In previous years, Apple always shared reports of its sales during the first week of a new iPhone's release . This year, the tech company decided to break tradition and not divulge any information. Critics believe that not disclosing the sales reports is a way for Apple to avoid further criticism if its sales were to drop in the future.

In the last two quarters, stocks and sales for Apple have dropped significantly and this could be true now. Yet, Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet breaks her silence and informs Reuters that they have expanded their distributions and demand is no longer considered a valid metric for their investors and consumers.


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