NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried Leaves Denver Nuggets To Join Toronto Raptors?

With months away for the teams to prepare for the annual playoffs, there have been rumors of an NBA trade between Denver Nuggets and the Toronto Raptors, with player Kenneth Faried leaving the former to join the latter.

Kenneth Faried To Leave Denver Nuggets; Changes Needed To Be Made?

Faried has been one of the most active players with the NBA team, Denver Nuggets. During the last season, he has earned a lot of points and rebounds and yet he is reportedly being traded off to Toronto Raptor, in exchange of DeRozan.

Although the specific move of trading off Faried has no yet been confirmed by Faried himself or the team representing him, there have been reports that this will be pushed through. These speculations are due to the announcement made by Denver Nuggets spokesperson that the team will be making changes with their line-up.

Kenneth Faried Alleged To Join Either The Toronto Raptors Or Cleveland Cavaliers

However, Faried is definitely not the only one being traded off for the upcoming season playoffs since it has been normal to trade off players from time to time for various reasons. It may not be confirmed that Faried be traded off to Raptors, since there have also been speculations that he will be traded off with Kevin Love to Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to some reports, Kevin Love of Cleveland Cavaliers is going to be traded off to Denver Nuggets in the interest of Kenneth Faried. The latter's skills allegedly just matches the skills of Kevin Love, minus the problems that Love allegedly has in some areas, although undisclosed as to what they are.

Faried has been known to be good with getting rebounds during games and could be a great asset to the team..

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet as to what team Kenneth Faried will be moving off to, all the reports have claimed that he will no longer be with Denver Nuggets when playoffs will soon start.

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