Tim Cook Shares His Thoughts On AR, VR Tech And Its Future In Apple Products

By Dawn Fleming , Sep 15, 2016 03:24 AM EDT

Time and again, Apple has proven how big they are as players in the tech world. Tim Cook's plans for Apple are not just limited to smartphones, smartwatches or even smart TVs. Apple's seventh Chief Executive Officer is hinting at producing AR and VR tech in the near future.

Ever since the iPhone 7 was released at the recent;y-conducted Apple event, the tech company has been making headlines, with smartphone sales seemingly looking up. In a recent interview that Apple CEO Tim Cook had with Good Morning America, he shared his thoughts on technologies that he speculated are emerging while hinting that Apple may produce some AR and VR tech gadgets very soon.

ABC News reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his belief that he sees a more promising future for Augmented Reality than Virtual Reality. Well, in a sense, Augmented reality actually does hold more water as you can develop applications and games that superimpose digital imagery over real life videos.

The technology that is Augmented Reality first blew up when the game "Pokemon GO" was released. The mobile video game got players to leave the virtual world for a little bit to catch Pokemon everywhere, thanks to Augmented Reality, overlaying the game's characters onto images became one of the game's primary draws.

Although focusing on producing a device for Augmented Reality may be Apple's way of taking a detour from the mainstream, Tim Cook is taking Apple to a different path and they are shifting their focus on what has not been produced yet by its competitors.

According to The Engadget, Facebook, Samsung and Google have already developed and produced their own Virtual Reality devices. Yet, none of them have released anything that offers an Augmented Reality functions. Apple could be the first and it could be an exciting breakthrough for the company.


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