Surface Phone Possibly Leaked; Microsoft Drops Huge Hint?

By Justine , Sep 15, 2016 03:18 AM EDT

The Microsoft Surface Phone might just be the most talked about phone these past recent weeks, especially after Apple finally unveiled the new iPhones. However, Microsoft has been very cryptic when it comes to confirming or denying the existence of the phone. But not until recently, when Microsoft Australia might have accidentally posted a Surface Phone confirmation.

Surface Phone News

According to EThe Express, Microsoft may have just revealed the biggest teaser ever through its Microsoft Australia Twitter account. The tweet actually showed an image that says "New One in Surface family!" In the photo, three objects can be seen - a Surface Book, a Surface Pro 4, and a darkened rectangle that is very likely to be a smartphone. This almost confirms the arrival of the Surface Phone.

With recent reports saying that the Lumia brand is already done and out, the existence of the Microsoft Surface Phone has been talked about over and over again. It sparked fans' interest as to what the company's Surface Phone concept is, now that they had allegedly accepted that Lumia's concept did not work out.

Surface Phone Release

One of the most recent news about Microsoft is that the company will be holding an event next month. While most reports say that Microsoft will be adding a new PC device under the Surface name, this new Surface Phone leak might have just confirmed that the phone can be announced in October as well. With that said, it's not that impossible that Microsoft leaked that image purposely to gather enough attention for next month's event. Needless to say, nothing is confirmed yet.

Microsoft's October 2016 Event

The leaked image of the Surface Phone teaser actually makes sense and it also supports previous rumors. According to reports, there will be no new Surface Pro and Surface Book devices this year. What's coming is a refresh of the Surface Pro 4 and the first Surface Book. The leaked image implies this too. The teaser just put focus on a new Surface device that's coming, and it very much looks like a smartphone.

So for everyone excited to buy the new Surface Phone, the best thing to do is to wait for October to find out if the rumors are true. As for the Microsoft Surface Phone's price, the only thing certain is that it would be way more expensive than your regular smartphone. This is just based on how Surface devices are priced. Since these devices are super high end, they usually come with price tags way higher than the competition.

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