iPhone 7, 7 Plus Officially Launch: Jet Black Variant Sold Out Already

By Dawn Fleming , Sep 16, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

After hours of lining up to get the iPhone 7 Jet Black color variation, consumers are frustrated to find out that it's all sold out! Out of all the color variations available, only the Jet black option was most preferred by fans and Apple did not expect it to be sold out that quick.

iPhone 7 Jet Black Sold Out

Anywhere you look online, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 has been a trending topic for weeks now. While critics predicted that the iPhone 7 won't be a hit to consumers, but there have been requests and/or demands for Apple to stock up. Seems like all the colors are out of the picture now, so if you are only interested in the black option... which should you choose - the iPhone 7 jet black or the matte black?

iPhone 7 Jet Black vs. iPhone 7 Matte Black

According to Tech Crunch, the iPhone 7 jet black is the shinier version and it comes with the 128 GB or 256 GB storage option.  The jet black version of the iPhone 7 has a premium finish, it's sleek and reflective. It's the kind of smartphone that you want to bring to formal gatherings, plus, in case you forgot to bring a mirror, you can just use the iPhone 7 Jet black to see your reflection in it. Yet, the iPhone 7 jet black color variation needs to be handled with extra care as it can easily catch your fingerprint and scratches even if you just put it in your pocket.

The iPhone 7 matte black is also a very attractive option and it looks really cool. It's darker, it is not a fingerprint magnet and it would look like a nice match with your car, if you had the batmobile, that is. If you scratch the matte black, it won't be as visible as it would be on the iPhone 7 Jet black.  The iPhone 7 matte black might be a perfect choice for people who live an active lifestyle.

Both iPhones seem like great choices and Apple fans may have been very excited to claim theirs after pre-ordering it online. Yet, all the iPhone 7 and 7 plus sold out quickly leaving Apple fans who pre-ordered and walk in customers frustrated as soon as they found out that it's no longer available, CNET reports. Even though Apple announced that they only have a limited supply, this could just be another tactic to keep consumers wanting for more.


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