iPhone 8 News: Apple To Ditch Home Button Next With All-Glass Flagship

Now that Apple's 2016 flagship is out and about, it's time to talk about what's coming next - the iPhone 8. Apparently, current Apple rumors believe that the next device in line for Apple is the iPhone 8, not iPhone 7s.

Needless to say, there is no confirmation about the name yet. Who knows, it can even be called the iPhone 10 in light of iPhone's 10th anniversary next year. Regardless of the name, what's certain right now is that the iPhone for 2017 is rumored to come with an all glass front panel.

iPhone 8 rumors

As mentioned above, the next iPhone is expected to come with an all-glass front. Meaning, the entire front of the device will be nothing but a screen. With that, the 'home button' is expected to be embedded within the iPhone 8 display instead of having it within the body like what Apple usually does.

This edge to edge display technology may not be a first in the mobile market, but this is definitely a big step for the company, which normally doesn't engage in major alterations. But since they already showed that they are up for change with the iPhone 7 devices, such a premise might no longer be impossible. In the iPhone 7's transition that NYTimes referred to as 'puberty', Apple made a big alteration which is the removal of the headphone jack.

Further iPhone 8 news suggest that an OLED display will be used, and at least one of the next flagship variants will sport a curved screen, PhoneArena reported. Nevertheless, as exciting as it may be, fans are still miles and miles away from the iPhone 8 release date. So it's just safe to hold your horses for the moment and wait for a more reliable info regarding the iPhone 8's specs.

iPhone 8 Schedule

If the release date for the iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7s for that matter) is to be based on tradition, then it would be released in September 2017. But since Apple looks like it's already comfortable with changes, then the release date could be moved. The fact that the iPhone is turning 10 next year, it's not impossible for Apple to announce or release the next flagship device at its exact birthday, which will be in June 2017.

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