5 Subtle But Surefire Signs That The Surface Phone Is Coming

5 Subtle But Surefire Signs That The Surface Phone Is Coming
A bunch of signs points out the the development of the rumored Surface Phone. This even includes a 'statement' from a Microsoft offictial. Photo : Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Surface Phone rumor is definitely piling like crazy these past few months, making it hard to conclude that this could just be a hoax. However, Microsoft isn't announcing it yet, which makes fans more and more furious about the truth behind the phone's existence. With the Surface team being very successful in their latest generation of Surface devices, fans are indeed excited for a phone coming under that brand name.

Here are 5 subtle signs that the Surface Phone actually exists and is coming:

1. Microsoft's Surface Division Success

The earlier Surface devices were not perfect for many users, but people can't deny that the Surface team finally got things right with their latest devices. The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book both came with really good reviews regardless of the hefty price tag. This simply goes to show that both Surfaces are worth the extra expense.

WindowsCentral even said that the company's revenue increased by 9 percent based on fourth quarter findings. This means that the Surface team has finally figured things out and cann possibly afford to venture into new devices such as the alleged Surface Phone.

2. The Lumia Windows Phone Line Might Be Ending Soon

According to different sources including TechRadar, the Lumia line is set to end this 2016. This could mean that the company is prepping up for a new phone name. Since Microsoft's mobile branding goes with the name Surface, they might as well go with the Surface Phone.

3. A Microsoft Official Mentioned The Surface Phone

Laura Butler from Microsoft Engineering once tweeted "Surface Phone is not NOT confirmed" as a response to Surface Phone rumors. The director clearly sparked more rumors with her tweet. Not only did she say "not NOT", she also mentioned the name of the device as if it exists. Since no follow up came in after that, the tweet definitely did not help put out the flaming rumor about the phone being in existence.

4. The Company Has A Lot To Prove In The Mobile Phone Market

Windows Mobile undeniably has a lot to prove to the mobile phone market. While Microsoft may seem like it has put in the best effort for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL last year, it may not have been enough to take on smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple.

With that said, the company might be taking a different step and redo its whole strategy in their mobile phone development. This means that if Microsoft indeed recreates its mobile phone brand, it is highly likely to go with something like the rumored Surface Phone.

5. Microsoft Is Allegedly Venturing Into 'New' Products

Apart from the alleged new generation of Surface devices like the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2, the company is also rumored to release an all-in-one PC next month. If true, this could mean that the company is indeed venturing into new creations, which could absolutely include the rumored Surface Phone.

While specific release dates are scarce even in the rumor world, the existence of the Surface Phone is still a possibility. The release may not be this year, but it is most likely coming. The next generation of Surface products is rumored for a 2017 release, so it is also possible that the said Surface Phone will also arrive alongside the next-gen Surface devices.

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