LG V20 Review: What To Expect, Specs And Features

By Rodney Rafols , Sep 16, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

LG's next flagship smartphone is coming out soon. The LG V20 has features that have already been with the LG V10 though it would improve on them, which is expected by consumers. Dual cameras and a secondary screen are just some of the features that the LG V20 will have.

LG has always lived under the shadow of its bigger Korean rival, Samsung. That is why its flagship smartphones don't get as much attention as the flagship phones that Samsung comes out with. Even so, LG has come out with its own innovations that makes it flagship smartphones stand out.

One of those features is the dual screen which first came out with the LG V10. The LG V20 would still have the same dual screen, with the secondary screen being a ticker-tape screen above the main screen. The LG V20 will have an IPS LCD screen, which has worked well for LG over the years despite a number of flagship smartphones having OLED screen displays, as Android Headlines notes.

The LG V20 is large with a 5.7-inch screen. Despite this, it is 1mm thinner than the LG V10 and 1.2mm narrower. It might be large in one area but in other areas, it is a bit smaller.

One feature that the LG V20 will have is its rear dual cameras. One camera has 16 MP while the other is 8 MP. The 8 MP camera has a wider angle at 135 degrees. Both have a LED flash and laser autofocus. On the front is a 5 MP camera.

The LG V20 will have the Snapdragon 820 as its processor and would be coming out with Android Nougat as its OS. GSM Arena's spec sheet has the LG V20 coming in two variants, with one having 32 GB internal storage while another has 64GB internal storage. Both variants will have 4 GB RAM. With 4 GB RAM opening apps should be much smoother and faster.

iTechPost has also covered the LG V20 recently and notes that its design is much closer to that of the LG G5 than it does the LG V10. It would be a durable smartphone with an all-metal body.

Overall the LG V20 is a smartphone to look forward to. LG might be overshadowed by Samsung's smartphones but it could still hold up well to the larger Korean manufacturer in many ways, and the LG V20 is proof of that.

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