Rumor Claims iOS 10 Jailbreak Will Launch September 17

By Victor Thomson , Sep 16, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Speculations and rumors point out to a possible Pangu release of iOS 10 Jailbreak tool on Sept. 17.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

Many Apple device users are waiting for the iOS 10 jailbreak tool that will allow them to hack the operating system. However, Apple detailed stricter security features when it unveiled the official iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad devices on Sept. 7.

Despite the new security features introduced by Apple in its latest operating system, hackers are still way ahead of the high-tech giant. Many jailbreakers studied the beta versions of the operating system from June to September, in order to find a way to create the iOS 10 jailbreak.

According to Movie News Guide, during the Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai, the well-known hacker team Pangu shown a jailbroken beta version of the iOS 10. Many tech experts and jailbreaking enthusiasts expect a jailbreak release soon for the final iOS 10, since the famous hacker team did not release any jailbreak tool for the iOS 9 version.

Speculations suggest that the jailbreak hack is most likely to roll out a few days after the official iOS 10 release on Sept. 13. Past experiences for most jailbreak hacks indicate that if Pangu is not going to release the hack on the same day, it will do it at least a few days later.

According to rumors, Pangu is already working on overcoming the security issues in iOS 10. For this reason, many are confident to expect the hack this weekend, on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Meanwhile, according to the website, the hacker Luca Tudesco has posted a video that demonstrates an iOS 10 jailbreak named as "Yalux," with working MobileSubstrate. The jailbreak is designed to work on all arm64 devices, meaning devices with an A7 processor or higher.

In this category are included the iPad variants that work with A7 processors, the iPhone 5s as well as all higher generation models. But up to date, the hacker did not release his iOS 10 jailbreak to the waiting public.

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