Pokemon GO Plus Guide: What Does Red, Green, Blue Mean?

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory is definitely out, did you get one? There's still a bunch of things to learn before you can fully enjoy it on your road hunting expedition for Pokemon in Pokemon Go. If you find yourself stranded outside trying to figure out what the LED colors mean, and why do they flash that way, then you're in luck, this article is for you!

Heavy is kind enough to post details on how you can understand the lights that flash on the add-on accessory, Pokemon GO Plus. Get those pen and paper ready, this might take a while to memorize. The Pokemon GO Plus device will show or flash blue, yellow, green, or red lights and each color means something.

Blue Light

Means that you are at a Pokestop. Your main device, phone, or tablet, vibrates (provided it can) everytime you pick up an item.

Green Light

Indicates a wild Pokemon nearby and it is already registered to your Pokedex (or to expound: you already have it) Neglavee shared that once you successfully catch a Pokemon, it will flash and vibrate, mimicking the best it can the animation that is originally on your phone.

Yellow Light

It is reported that the device was supposedly designed to only catch Pokemon registered on your Pokedex but players report that you can now catch all Pokemon, regardless. As of this presstime, it is uncertain if this feature will stay or gets removed along the way.

Ignoring Green and Yellow Light Flashes

You can choose to ignore the Pokemon GO Plus' light flashes, the warning will eventually go away if so. The light and vibrations will come back if it needs to send you a new message.

Red Light Flashes Several Times

As posted on the Pokemon Go Plus FAQ, if it flashes red and vibrates a bunch of times, it means your phone is not connected to the device anymore - may have lost communication or your phone is simply far from the Plus device. You will need to open the app from your main device and reconnect - there is a Pokemon GO Plus icon found in the upper left corner of your screen.

Red Light Flashes ONCE

The device shows red and vibrates once when your phone has lost network connectivity. The connection between main device and Pokemon GO Plus is still intact, so you only need to resolve your carrier or WiFi issue.

Other Indicators of Red Light Flashing:

-you failed to catch a Pokemon

-you are out of Pokeballs

-your Pokemon inventory is full

-your item inventory is full

There's obviously a user manual that comes with the packaging but most of us just tend to ignore the fine printed material - including me (and everyone else). Check out this video to know more on how to gain control of Pokemon GO Plus:

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