Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Count Distance In The Background

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 17, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Many people are frustrated that you need to turn on your Pokemon Go app all the time for it to count the distance 'walked'. Walking with the app on will reward you with egg incubation progress (if you have eggs currently incubating) or Buddy Pokemon candy - very helpful for rare Pokemon upgrade.

How do you keep counting distance while your phone is running Pokemon Go in the background? Well, technically there is none UNLESS you have a Pokemon Go Plus device connected. Yes, it counts your distance in the background when activated.

How does it work?

With the Pokemon Go Plus accessory linked to your phone or any device supporting Pokemon Go, all the distance you have walked on your typical day will not go to waste as the device records it even though you have locked your phone inside your pocket, WWG reports. This is one good plus if you purchase the add-on device.

I'm sure there's a catch

However, it is obvious that when you communicate with the server more often, especially with another add-on device involved, the biggest implication would be faster battery drain. It is recommended to travel with power banks when using both phone and Pokemon Go Plus.

Another downside for using Pokemon Go Plus is that you only have one chance to catch a wild Pokemon, once escaped, goodbye Pokemon! This increases the chance of losing a Pokemon, better pick up that phone when prompted.

The usage of higher class balls is also not included on the device's feature, unconfirmed reports say that you catch with the ordinary red Pokeballs. We think that this is the default ball and you will only move to the next level if you run out of the basic ones, hence you cannot chose what ball to use. So, if you prefer higher level balls, just pick up your phone - just like what is said on the previous paragraph, it's just in your pocket.

Look on the bright side

Though it requires a lot of power, it also means more Buddy Candy and egg hatching mileage is earned compared to the ordinary user - no Pokemon Go Plus device connected.

Are you excited about this new device? Hit us with your comments below.

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