NBA Trade Rumors: Will There Be A Chris Bosh And Kevin Love Trade?

Another NBA trade rumor that involves Chris Bosh and Kevin Love is circulating today. According to reports, the trade makes good sense since Chris Bosh was not able to play due to health issues and Kevin Love was missing during the NBA Finals.

The change of team would also be easier for both players as Love played with LeBron James when they won their first Championship for Heat and Bosh might be able to get a doctor to give him medical clearance in a new team.

Chris Bosh has been diagnosed with blood clots and required to take blood thinners. Bosh's calves developed blood clots in the last two seasons. In 2015, the blood clot went to his lung which made his illness a serious matter and requires professional medical attention from the hospital. However, due to the long-time gap that the player was not able to play, fans started to think if this will be the end of Bosh's basketball career. But in a recent podcast with Bosh, the player said he promises to play again saying ""It is my contractual and professional obligation to be there. This has been a struggle. This has not been easy." Micky Arison, Heat's owner, tweeted "Looking good CB @chrisbosh look forward to seeing in camp"

Chris Bosh doesn't seem to have any problem with his team. The only problem that could occur is if the team considers to trade him with someone who can already play. This is where Kevin Love comes in and actually would be a good choice. Kevin Love played in 6 games out of 7 in the previous years of NBA Finals. He scored a total of 51 points, ranking him as the team's 5th player in terms of scoring. But experts think he would have done better if he was playing alongside Lebron and Irving.

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