'Gotham' Season 3 News And Updates: Series Returns With Six-Month Time Jump; Details Revealed How Dangerous The Court Of Owls Are

As "Gotham" approaches its third season, there have been more revelations and explanations to its characters, especially the ones known as The Court of Owls and just how dangerous they are to Gotham.

"Gotham" Season Three Features A Six-Month Time-Jump Once It Returns

"Gotham" season three opens up with a six-month time jump from its second season finale. Thus, given the log time that has passed, there would have been many changes that will happen to its characters once it returns.

For one, Jim Gordon will no longer be working with the GCPD. He will now be a bounty hunter who has a drinking problem. He decided to take matters into his own hands, thus explaining his decision to leave the police department.

Poison Ivy To Understand The Effects Of Her Aging In Upcoming "Gotham" Season Three

Another major change also involves Poison Ivy's mysterious aging, which was led by her encounter with one of Strange's monsters from Indian Hill. The upcoming season three of "Gotham" will tackle how she managed to have aged into a grown woman but still remaining to be little Ivy deep inside. The coming season will also explain how she can benefit from it.

The Court of Owls: Dangerous Secret Society That Will Play A Big Role In Upcoming Season

Lastly, more will be tackled in upcoming "Gotham" season three about The Court of Owls and how dangerous they are to Gotham City. They mysteriously control everything in the city even though they are mysteriously not known to the public, as said by David Mazuoz who plays Bruce Wayne in the series.

Actress Carmen Bicondova who plays the role of Catwoman also believes that The Court of Owls will be playing a major role in the storyline. Having been a secret society that controls Gotham City, they are not the only villains in the series. However, they are deemed to be very dangerous to it.

"Gotham" Season three returns tonight, September 19.

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