'Pokemon Go' Tips And Tricks: Top 5 Cheats People Do When Playing PoGO

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 21, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

The game is now out for months and some people just want the easy way to play Pokemon Go. We recommend you play the game in vanilla, after all where's the fun in making the game too easy? Otherwise, you might want to look at some 'cheats' people do to make their Pokemon Go lives easier. Some of these are 'legal' and some of them you need to avoid.

Intelligent as we humans are, we rely on technology for our daily tasks, including the things we do in Pokemon Go. IGN lists the top 5 cheats people are doing nowadays to stay ahead and become the very best.

Trackers for Pokemon Go

Using the bare Pokemon Go app, you can't really rely on its map, especially if you are not familiar with the area you are exploring. It only tells you the shape of the road and gives you hints on where you are when tapping on a Pokestop. There is no way to know exactly where you are in terms of coordinates, street names, and other essential traveler information. Several indie developers have created a remedy for this but we warn you to be careful on how you choose add-on apps for Pokemon Go. There are lots of tempting titles but with malware in them.

Automated Bots for Pokemon Go

This is a big no no for us, not only in terms of legality but also in terms of actually having fun playing the game. It's like commanding an application or bot to go have fun while you do other things. Might as well stop playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Black Market

Too strong for a word, the Pokemon Go black market offers you the easy life. If you got the money then this is the place for you. For as low as $15, you can get an already setup account that is already leveled up for you. Nope, not recommended from us either. You need to suffer through the basics to reap the fruit properly of becoming the very best. Beside's again, where's the fun in shortcuts?

Messaging Apps for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go doesn't have a messaging feature, you need to manually message someone you know who is a trainer, and collaborate with your team. Fortunately, there are some apps like MessGo to allow you to message a nearby trainer and socialize.

Desktop Emulators

People have figured out how to play Pokemon Go on their desktops. Combined with GPS spoofs, they can now join the Pokemon Go bandwagon without leaving the comforts of their parent's garage, we mean home. Nope, don't try this one as Niantic is pretty strict when it comes to location spoofing.

Below is a video about top Pokemon Go bots, try at your own risk.

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