Google Allo: Release Date And Features Review

By Adie Pie , Sep 21, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

It has a been a few months since the world first heard about Google Allo, which is the search engine giant's bet against current providers like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber. But not only is it going to competition, but it is set to give messaging apps a reason to worry and might even push them to increase their range of services.

Google Allo: Release Date

As Science World Report notes, there is no actual word from the company with regards to when Google Allo will be ready for download. However, it is believed that the app could be available for download as early as this week.

The news is coming from a leak from Evan Blass, who has a relatively amazing track record when it comes to leaks. On September 18, he simply posted, "Hello, All (launches this week)."

Google Allo + Google Assistant

If there is one thing that will distinguish Google Allo from its competitors, it is that the messaging app comes with Google Assistant. Theoretically, it will make messaging easier as it will provide various response suggestions. Furthermore, it will help users book movie tickets and play games.

Google Allow: Other Features

According to Loop 21, Google Allo is also supposed to enhance current safety features that are currently standard in messaging apps. In order to provide this, users will have the option to send messages via the application's Incognito Chat Mode or sent temporary messages. There are additional features such as Smart Reply, Whisper and Shout.

In addition, the app is expected to come with a very user friendly interface and will allow users to send a variety of messages to friends, such as text messages, stickers, emojis, graphics and personalized photos. Google Allo will also allow users to send voice messages.

As is standard with this type of app, users can sign in using their cellular numbers.

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