‘Pokemon Go’ Updates: New Battle, Trading System, Multiplayer Features Likely? Game Events Limited

A "Pokemon Go" player-versus-player battle system is being considered, as revealed by company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara. He also took note of the importance of including any feature that can boost the difficulty and increase the barrier to entry, for more regular users.

"Pokemon Go" buddy system has just been added, but it seems that some other new features will be coming to the popular mobile game. According to Ishihara, Niantic Labs is taking its time coming up with new features of the game to avoid overwhelming the new Pokemon players.

"Pokemon Go" trading system has been mentioned as well by Ishihara, however, he did not give specific details about it. Based on reports, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke announced in July that a trading system was in the works, although he did not also gave further information about the possible release or how the system would work.

Moreover, "Pokemon Go" multiplayer has reportedly been in the works, as revealed by Niantic's Archit Bhargava in July. While early test seems to be promising, reports indicate that there is still a lot of work to be done. However, Bhargava assured the fans that they are trying their best to learn what a Pokemon experience must be like, based on the reaction from the community.

Meanwhile, Hanke is reportedly planning to keep "Pokemon Go" events limited to just a number of people. This could mean that the company will no longer hold big events in the future. Based on reports, Niantic has been doing some hosting events for other augmented reality game entitled "Ingress." With that, it appears that the company aims to create a better future for its game.

"Pokemon Go" future updates are already being rumored to  receive events and trading features from Niantic. Although the company has not confirmed the release of these features, Hanke already announced that the studio is now working on them.

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