NASA To Explain Europa's Surprising Activity, Debunks Alien Speculation

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has informed the public about its teleconference on Monday. NASA's statement has caused a lot of stir among alien enthusiasts. However, they may be in for a disappointment.

Europa's Surprising Activity

According to The Telegraph, NASA will present new findings from images taken of Europa. The said moon is one of Jupiter's largest. The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture those images. The surprising evidence of activity may support a possible subsurface ocean.

NASA's Astrophysics Division Director Paul Hertz, Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore's William Sparks, Georgia Institute of Technology's Britney Schmidt and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's Jennifer Wiseman will be present in the teleconference.

Europa's Subsurface Ocean

According to the International Business Times, Europa has been suspected to have a subsurface ocean. It may be underneath an icy shell. Some scientists believe that this could be one of the best shots of life's existence. This is as far as the solar system is concerned.

They are also fascinated by the ocean for another reason. They believe that it may be in contact with the moon's rocky mantle. This could lead to all kinds of chemical reactions. NASA plans to send a mission to analyze Europa very closely. They hope to confirm that it has a subsurface ocean.

NASA's Steve Vance explained about this back in May. He revealed that the cycling of oxygen and hydrogen in Europa's ocean is significant. He added that it will be a major driver for the moon's ocean chemistry and any life there.

Alien Speculation Debunked

The "surprising activity" fueled alien speculations on social media. The moon is said to be one of the best places where aliens could exist. However, NASA immediately denied it. They pointed out that their new findings are not about aliens.

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