Samsung Galaxy S8 Embraces Change For 2017 Release: Display Improvements And More

For Samsung, 2017 is a rather big year. This would be the time that the company would be able to redeem itself from all the drama from the current year. The Note 7 recall might have brought damage to their sales and reputation, but it looks like Samsung knows how to handle the situation pretty well.

The company initiated the recall to assure consumer safety, thus proving that they handle their business very seriously. Now, new leaks about the upcoming Galaxy S8 further supports the idea that Samsung simply wants to give the best to its consumers, despite unlucky circumstances.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News

According to Forbes, the new Samsung S8 might go all out on curved screens and release its two variants with the same display technology, leaving the flat screen variant in the past. Nevertheless, the two variants will still be differently-sized. As per a recent leak, the next Samsung flagships are internally coded as Dream and Dream2, with model numbers SM G950 and SM G955.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

Further rumors suggest that Samsung is also going to do something about the headphone jack. The source says that the company might as well remove the bulky jack in the Galaxy S8 and create their own, following Apple's big step in being the first phone company to do so.

Although this might be a minor change for the consumers, this could affect all businesses revolving around headphone manufacturing. As per a source, one immediate effect of this is increasing costs in the manufacturers' end. These businesses would have no choice but to create new jacks and connectors so they can adjust to the trend.

Needless to say, fans can just hope that Samsung would use a more mainstream and convenient headphone jacks like USB C or Bluetooth, in case they indeed get rid of the 3.5 mm jack. Everyone could probably agree that having two new audio jacks in the market would be difficult for the consumers in one way or another.

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