AT&T Unveils The Future Of TV Viewing With DirecTV Now; Supports Cord Cutters

AT&T's soon-to-launch Internet TV app isn't intended to steal clients from its very own DirecTV satellite service bundle. The objective is to charm viewers who had already quit the conventional pay TV system.

But Company President Randall Stephenson assured cutsomers that he won't be disgruntled if the latest service is enough to draw in the other current pay TV subscribers.

"There is danger of it ripping apart the current produts. I imagine that, however, is a good sign," Stephenson said on Wednesday while talking at the Goldman Sachs conference in New York.

"You launch products that are disruptive in the marketplace, and if you don't see them hindering your product sets, 99 times out of 100, it doesn't go anywhere."


None of the present TV offerings, like Sony's Playstation Vue service, had surprised the world. People averting from conventional cable appear to be more interested in freestyle services like Amazon's Prime Video and Netflix rather than packages that bundle channels and seem to be a somewhat more affordable repackaging of old-style pay TV offers.

Verizon Communications had taken advantage of this opportunity by attempting to build up a more advanced service, called Go90, although it also not yet shown much success.

The offers

Still, AT&T has headed the conventional course and will reveal it in the 4th annual quarter, Stephenson explained. The primary offer will be dubbed as DirecTV Now and has more than a hundred channels. A more reasonable offering, which is called DirecTV Mobile, also consolidates exceptional video with digital content. What's more, a free offer called DirecTV Preview will have shown from other apps with ads.

The main offer according to Stephenson

The main offer will be "100 channels at a very contentious price point," Stephenson asserted. Regarding AT&T wireless subscribers, Stephenson said, "Watching the service won't count on customer's data wages-a somewhat dubious method called zero rating."

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