‘Pokemon Go’ News: Open Poke Map – Pokemon Tracker For Android Goes Live

By Benjie Batanes , Sep 23, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Pokemon Go third party tracker Open Poke Map is now available for Android users. The iOS version is still under review according to the developer.

What is Open Poke Map?

Open Poke Map is a Pokemon Go tracker similar to FastPokeMap. However, the former is open source and the source is available at github. Pokemon Go players can even use Open Poke Map to host their own local stack.

Open Poke Map Features

The Pokemon Go tracker has push notifications to make sure that players catch every rare Pokemon. The iOS version will also have an IV calculator. App developer nullpixel claims that players will be impressed with the tracker's sleek User Interface (UI).

Developer promises to share their data with Pokemon Go users. All Pokestops, gyms including their defenders will show up on the map. Pokemon Go players will not have to wait long for the map to load. Interestingly, developer claims that their map tiles are hosted by FastPokeMap.

Open Poke Map Expected Additional Features

 The developer promised to add new features in future releases including graphical statistics on how Pokemon Go teams are doing from all over the globe. A stable version will have a full API included. More specific directions in locating Pokemon will be added.

Open Poke Map and Advertisements

Pokemon Go players will notice that the app also includes advertisements. The developer explained that the ads were necessary to help defray server's expenses. Players can use AdBlock since the app tracker can still work.

Open Poke Map Release Date and Clients

Open Poke Map is already available on Android. The Pokemon App Tracker will soon be available for the iOS and web. However, nullPixel has not set a specific date for the release. The developer initially thought to add a Windows phone client as well but decided against it.

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